Provisional Post-Crash Irish-Lit reading list

[If you would like to suggest a book for this provisional bibliography, please email us at]

Barrett, Colin, Young Skins (London: Vintage, 2014).

Barry, Kevin,  City of Bohane (London: Vintage, 2011).

—, Beatlebone (London: Canongate, 2015).

—, Dark Lies the Island (London: Vintage, 2013 [2012]).

Baume, Sara, Spill Simmer Falter Wither (Antrim: Windmill, 2015).

Bennett, Claire-Louise, Pond (Dublin: Stinging Fly, 2015).

Costello, Mary, The China Factory (London: Canongate, 2015).

Csengeri, Roíbeard, FIONN (London: Contraband, 2014).

Cummins, James, FLASH BANG (London: Veer, 2011).

Feeney, Elaine, The Radio was Gospel (Knockeven: Salmon, 2013).

—, Where’s Katie? (Knockeven: Salmon, 2010).

Frawley, Oona, Flight (Dublin: Tramp, 2014).

French, Tana, The Secret Place (London: Viking Penguin, 2014).

Gough, Julian, CRASH! How I Lost a Hundred Billion and Found True Love (DailyLit, 2013).

—, Jude in London (London: Old Street, 2012).

Hayden, Sarah, System Without Issue (Norfolk: Oystercatcher, 2013).

Healy, Randolph, HEX (Bray: Wild Honey Press, 2012).

Joyce, Trevor, Rome’s Wreck: Translated from the English of Edmund Spenser’s Ruines of Rome (Los Angeles, CA: Cusp, 2014).

—, The Immediate Future (Cork: RunAmok, 2013).

Kilroy, Claire, The Devil I Know (London: Faber, 2012).

Lynch, Paul, Red Sky in the Morning (London: Quercus, 2014).

—, The Black Snow (London: Quercus, 2014).

McBride, Eimear, A Girl is a half formed thing (London: Faber, 2014).

McCardle, Aodán, IS ing (London: Veer, 2011).

McInerny, Lisa, The Glorious Heresies (London: John Murray, 2015).

McKeon, Belinda, Solace (London: Picador, 2011).

—, Tender (London: Picador, 2015).

Mooney, Stephen, The Cursory Epic (London: Contraband, 2014).

Murray, Paul, Skippy Dies (London: Penguin, 2010).

Ní Chonchúir, Nuala, The Closet of Savage Mementos (New Island, 2014).

O’Carroll-Kelly, Ross, Downturn Abbey (London: Penguin, 2013).

—, NAMA Mia! (London: Penguin, 2011).

—, The Oh My God Delusion (London: Penguin, 2010).

—, The Shelbourne Ultimatum (London: Penguin, 2012).

O’Reilly, Ian, Gwaylga, Soogra, ogiss alawn kawka milish (London: Stoma, 2014).

Ryan, Donal, The Spinning Heart (London: Doubleday, 2013).

—, The Thing About December (London: Doubleday, 2014).

Toms, David, Tom O’Bedlam Sings His Song (Newton-le-Willows: Knives, Forks and Spoons, 2010).

Warriner, Rachel, Eleven Days (Cork: RunAmok, 2011).


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